Devices like printers, telephones, computers and so on, are connected in a network using networking cables. Of course, various kinds of these cables exist so it is up to you to ensure you make use of the right one in order for your connected devices to send and receive information as you would want.

There are some advantages to be gotten from buying networking cables wholesale, but even then, they have to be used appropriately to get the results we expect. Different cables serve different purposes.

In the home, the Category 5e or the CAT 5e cable is the most commonly used. A twisted pair cable is made up of four paired up wires, all wrapped in a jacket. The cables are capable of signal transmission speeds reaching up to about 1000 Mbps and are also widely referred to as Ethernet cables.

Wholesale networking cables can also be acquired as coaxial cables which are commonly used when connecting TV and video. These heavily insulated cables provide interference protection in places where low powered signals have the ability to be transmitted over considerable distances. The cable is made up of a copper wire which has been heavily covered with insulation material that prevents conduction and is surrounded also by a sheath made of metal. Protective plastic is then used to wrap the whole unit.

Fiber optic cables are another form in which one can acquire wholesale networking cables. Aside from being very good conductors, the cables are useful for transferring huge amounts of data at incredibly high speeds. When it comes to speed & quality combination, these cables are arguably the best. They also have some more advantages over other cables, such as

1.) Aside from having a transmission of higher quality, fiber optics also have less amount of signal loss.

2.) Multiple signals can be transmitted at the same time, and at incredible speeds using fiber optic cables.

3.) The cables provide better protection from electrical noises and interference.

4.) Telephone and TV signals can also effectively be transmitted with these cables.

5.) In a case where you need to send signals of high quality over a distance that is longer than normal, then fiber optic cables are the way to go.

Ethernet cables are better suited for use in telephone and computer networks.

When in the market for wholesale networking cables, a lot of consideration might affect the choices you make including economics, application and even the environment the cables are to be installed in and so on.

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